Invest with
your friends

Follow real portfolios of people you trust.
Get insights on their investment decisions.
invest with your friends

View your friend's

View your friends' portfolio and
see how they are performing.
Showcase your portfolio to win
bragging rights.
view your friends' portfolios

See what your
friends are buying

View verified portfolios and
read in-depth analysis from
people you follow.
see what your friends' are buying

Chat with like-minded

Get nerdy about stocks with the people
you vibe with.
Build your own club, share great ideas,
compete on group leaderboards.

Fully Private. No spam ever.
chat with like-minded people

Discover your next
great investment idea

Browse Mutual Funds, Stocks
and Ideas in one place.
Share them with your club in one-click.
discover your next great investment idea

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Not just another
investment app

Everything is more fun with your friends. So we decided to build the investment app that we could use with our friends. Bumped up the fun to eleven, minus all the jargon.


Solenya Investment Technologies, 2022
clubfolio is SEBI registered
and licensed by AMFI

Association of Mutual
Funds in India
ARN - 168501

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